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Founded in 07 December 1984 Lions Club of Newcastle, County Down is a non religious and non-political charity made up of ordinary men and women.


We are under the affiliation of Lions Club International which is one of the lagest charities in the world.


If you have an hour to spare and help your community why not think about joining us and do it together?

Contact any of our members or get in touch at 07725725932.


We meet every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm in Burrendale Hotel, Resort and SPA with our main focus being how to raise fundsrworthy causes and individuals.  We organise service activities to assist people in our community, including our annual day trip for senior citizens.

Social evenings for family and friends are an integral part of our mission.

Coffee Morning every last Thursday of the month at 11am. Venue announced week before.

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