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Newcastle Lions Club continues great work in Sri Lanka

Lion Emma presenting a scholarship donation to student Tebith, also in the photograph, President Lion Prash, Lion Amali, Lion Emma, Tebith, Lion Muthu & Lion Kanis

As well as being an associate member of Newcastle Lions Club, Lion Emma Chestnutt is also a full member of the Lions Club of Colombo Alexandrite Sri Lanka . Over the past couple of years Emma has spent a lot of time in Sri Lanka where she has worked hard to fund raise and also raise awareness of the plight of the people of Colombo and the work of the local Lions Club in helping them.

Recently Emma returned to Sri Lanka, while there Emma visited an orphanage and a plantation and while attending the Lions Club , meeting a young boy who has just started university, we gifted him a scholarship which will enable him to continue with his studies.

One project that really struck a cord with Emma was the idea of a breakfast club. Today in the UK due to the current economic hardship, the most often used sentence is, heat or eat . Because of this many schools have introduced a free breakfast club to help children maybe get only one meal per day. In Sri Lanka because education is so important, parents have to make a choice pay school fees or eat. With the intention of minimising child hunger and to feed the needy the Lions Club International and Lions Clubs in Sri Lanka have joined with the Ministry of Education to launch a special project called ‘Fight child hunger’. Thousands of children go to school hungry so it is the intention to serve a meal to school children across the country.

Newcastle Lions thank Emma also President Prash and the Lions of Alexandrite for the great work which they do and hopes, our club can continue to help when possible. You can find more information about the Alexandrite Club at

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