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Newcastle Lions have a busy Saturday, 11th December 2021

On Saturday, Newcastle Lions held a collection at local garages within the rules of covid. For Lion Marian while getting ready to undertake her one and half hour shift, this involved wearing a mask, gloves and sanitising a collection bucket that secured at a distance in a shopping trolley. Like all charities this year has been difficult both to collect and for the Lions to undertake service projects, such as organising the annual senior citizens away day. Newcastle Lions would like to thank everyone for the support given. The club will be holding further events including on the 17th they invite you to take part in a pub quiz in the Harbour Inn at 9.00 pm and then on Saturday 18th while visiting TESCO Supermarket, you will have another opportunity to donate, if you missed the collection on the previous Saturday.

Dan 07725725932

Photo, Lion Marian Mc Greevy with her socially distanced collection bucket.

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