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Belfast City Council and Newcastle Lions undertake recycling of spectacles project.

During the past months, Newcastle Lions Club have been encouraging people to donate reading and sight glasses which can then be recycled to third world countries, helping people who normally could not afford to purchase glasses.

In Newcastle glasses could be donated at the local library or opticians. The project has now gone to a much higher level, with Newcastle Lions joining with Belfast City Council in receiving all glasses donated at the Council's four recycling centres.

When the glasses have been collected by the Lions, they are then despatched by courier to MEDICO LIONS Clubs France in Le Harve.

This Lions facility was created in February 1978 , in the first year 5,000 pairs of glasses were accepted, today 3 million are accepted annually. MEDICO is the international humanitarian arm of the Lions Clubs of France. its activities are in 56 countries on 5 continents.

" In Harve the glasses that are in perfect condition are cleaned, calibrated, identified and bagged so that missionary doctors can meet the needs of patients examined " . They are then sent all over the world to help those in need.

Newcastle Lions president Liz Murphy would like to thank Belfast City Council for allowing the club to collect the glasses donated at the recycling centres.

Photo: distribution of donated glasses in Thailand

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