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Lions amazed at public response to Turkey, Syria Appeal

In response to a previous high use of defibrillators in Newcastle, Lion and T Gem defib guardians arranged a an awareness and fund raising week end at Base Coffee, The agenda for the two days was to help the public become aware of the use of defibrillators located in Newcastle and to to offer non certified defib and CPR awareness training at a future date in April 2023. The group also hoped to raise some funds to help pay for maintenance of the Lions Defibrillators.

The agenda was quickly altered with the news of the terrible earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria. The Lions over the week end were able to adapt their fund raising and were amazed at the generosity of the public who donated to the earthquake appeal to help the people of Turkey and Syria. Lion Clubs in Ireland are all doing their bit to try to raise funds for this crisis appeal. The donation which they will make will be added to to the $200,000 Major Catastrophe Grant that Lions Clubs International Foundation that has made to Lions in Turkey and other impacted areas to help their communities recover. As part of the week end, Lions and T Gem volunteers were also able to continue with their defibrillator and CPR awareness.

Photograph Lions Robin Mc Caren, Jeanine Knight and Lion President Liz Murphy, collecting at Base Coffee .

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