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Newcastle Lions Club street collection targets defibrillator maintenance issue.

Photograph 1: Lion President Marian McGreevy with the current defib in need of repair.

Photograph 2: The temporary defib currently in use at the Maghera Inn.

On Saturday 12th June Newcastle Lions will hold their annual street collection. Last year during the worst of the pandemic, the Lions were able to have a successful street collection meeting all health and safety requirements due to Covid restrictions. This year the club will use the same procedures again, keeping everyone safe. Each year the Lions street collection raises a reasonable amount of money usually around £500.00 which 100% is then donated to charity.

This year Lion President Marian McGreevy has agreed to set aside part of the street collection to cover the continual maintenance cost of nine defibrillators located around Newcastle. The defibrillators came as a result of the death of Geoff Cartwright and the follow up hard work of the Geoff Cartwright Family, local business and Newcastle Lions Club. The defibrillators are inspected by the “guardians" of Newcastle Lions. Each month one of the guardians inspects each of the nine defibrillators and then has to log a report to the Circuit (British Heart Foundation) to confirm that the device is emergency ready.

In the past, many of the defibrillators have been used as a result of a 999 call to the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service. The defibrillators that have saw use on more than one occasion, include those at Ireland Electrical, Base Coffee Shop, Ex AJC, Barbican Filling Station and Maghera Inn. After the defibrillator has been removed from its box and taken to the 999 incidents, there will be a follow up email from the Circuit to inform the guardian. The Lions will carry out a follow up inspection and a maintenance cost, which in all cases Newcastle Lions Club has met.

The most recent maintenance repair that was going to be more than £100.00, was for the defibrillator located at the Maghera Inn. Following the monthly inspection, a major repair to the defibrillator was indicated. Having been aware of the expected cost the Maghera Inn very generously told the Lions that they would meet 50% of the cost of repairs. This was in spite of the premises still closed to the public and only able to provide a carry out food service. In this case the good news for all was that the defibrillator was replaced free of charge by the manufacture when the Lions brought the device to them. The final word on defibrillators is that very shortly the guardians will have to begin inspections on the tenth GCDF defibrillator located at the Castlewellan Community Hall after the Lions have arranged to get this relocated to the front of the building.

On the 12th of June the Lions know the public of Newcastle will again show the generosity they have always given to them. If you are unable to donate on the day you can also donate by visiting the lions website at and clicking on the donate indicator.



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