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Newcastle Lions thank local opticians for helping repair and reuse of old spectacles.

Newcastle Lions are now providing suitable bins to our local opticians and also to some opticians in Belfast who have requested these, to take donations of glasses.

The bins help promote the work of the club with a contact phone number and the poster on it is eye catching . The glasses go to Lions Medico France where they are cleaned and distributed around the world to people in need. The club recently joined the Northern Ireland Resource Network. This group encourages environmental awareness, promotes ,rethink, reuse , repair and has many members whose details are on their website. In a first the club applied for a grant promoted by NIRN for their senior citizens outing

The club continues to try and attract new members . At Easter Lions will return to Base Coffee to try again and hold their defibrillator maintenance fund collection. Previously the collection was dropped when the Turkey earthquake occurred on the 10th February 2023. As part of the collection, club members will take names of those who would like to have CPR/Defibrillator awareness training , which hopefully will be taking place at the end of May in Newcastle, or even want to join the club.

Newcastle Lions President Liz Murphy checks the quality of the spectacles recycling bins going to opticians.

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