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Newcastle Lions thank Mourne Golf Club for a very generous defibrillator donation

On  Friday evening, Mourne  Golf  Club captain  Patrick  Curran celebrated with his family and friends, his term as  Captain with the club. A wonderful night of lovely food and great music was on offer to the members of the club. As part of the celebration  Patrick arranged a raffle to collect funds for  Newcastle Lions  Club defibrillator maintenance appeal.  The raffle resulted in a very generous donation of  £900.00 from the members of the  Mourne  Golf  Club and was donated to the Lions. Receiving the donation on behalf of  Newcastle Lions Club, Dan  O'Reilly coordinator for the  Lions defibrillators said the donation was fantastic and would help remove any worries the Lions had, should finances for maintaining the defibrillators be stretched. Because the Lions defibrillators around the town and beyond are not financed by  Government , every time a defibrillator is used to try and save a life, in the follow up to bring the defibrillator back to emergency ready, £130.00 has to be found to finance the replacement parts.

Photograph: Newcastle Lion member  Dan  O'Reilly is welcomed by  Mourne Golf  Captain, Patrick  Curran

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