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Newcastle Lions thankful to Mourne Archery Centre for defibrillator donation.

On  Saturday last, users of the  Mourne  Archery Centre were upset to learn that a visitor to the  Centre had taken ill and that a defibrillator was required. The nearest defibrillator was at the  Maghera  Inn located beside the  Centre. This was then used to help the gentleman, but the Lions are unaware of his condition since. The defibrillator is one of ten managed and maintained by  Newcastle Lions  Club. When the club were advised by the  Circuit/ British Heart  Foundation , they inspected the defibrillator and realised that new sticky pads, battery and a hygiene pack were required. These were ordered and the parts fitted on  Wednesday. The defibrillator is now again emergency available.


For the  Lions the bill of  £130.00 would have to be met, but thankfully due to the generosity of Ms Katey  Cunningham, manger of the  Mourne  Archery Centre, she advised the Lions that she would pay the bill of  £130.00. The Lions are grateful for her generosity as the club would have to fund raise to meet this. The  Mourne  Archery  centre located on the  Carnacaville Road  is  open to all ages and parties, from  single shooters to group events with instructors who will guide learners through the ropes with a foremost emphasis on health and safety before sports people are let loose to practice hitting the bullseye. The aim of the game is to enjoy yourself.

Photo  Newcastle Lions  Dan O'Reilly thanks  Katey  Cunningham of  MAC for donation of  £130.00

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