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The Daisy Dander

During the month of September, Lions world wide are promoting one of their five global causes, namely Childhood cancer . In working alongside staff from Daisy Lodge, Newcastle Lions are making a big effort to try to promote, this global cause. This will include a coffee morning, a talk show and a Daisy Dander. Staff from Daisy Lodge, have also provided information packs to local businesses and highlighted the awareness month through the big electronic board at Bon Bon.

In trying to help families of children impacted by Cancer, they can avail of a wonderful facility in Newcastle to give them some respite. Originally this facility was known as Shimna Valley and in 2005 Narnia, but this was enhanced with greater numbers of families being accommodated, when Daisy Lodge was built. This is a purpose built therapeutic centre located in Newcastle.

The Daisy Lodge facility has been amazing, since 2014, a total of 3,500 families have stayed at there with 12 families being accommodated each week. At present 224 families are awaiting a short break at the facility. In Northern Ireland today, there are 109 children who are currently being treated for cancer.(( source N.I.Childhood cancer) In trying to raise awareness of the work of Daisy Lodge in helping the 109 children, Newcastle Lions Club have organised a Daisy Dander. On Saturday 23rd September at 10.30 am the public are invited to meet at the Cone of Light on the Newcastle Promenade and walk a 1009 steps in support of the children. With the kind permission of Newry & Mourne Down District Council, the promenade will be decorated with flower theme artwork by the group, Creative Village Dundrum. The Lions are also thankful to Raymond Shannon REC,NI for providing first aid cover. The public are encouraged to make a donation, to the Lion collectors present that morning, to the Daisy Lodge Appeal to help them in their work.

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